Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Total Fishing Manual (Field & Stream): 317 Essential Fishing Skills

The Total Fishing Manual (Field & Stream): 317 Essential Fishing Skills, by Joe Cermele (Author) and The Editors of Field and Stream Magazine (Editor) is a best seller on Amazon.com. For more information and to buy, click on the image below.

GEAR UP How to pick the best lures, baits, flies, and tackle for every situation and every style of water you plan to fish. Customize your rod and reel to suit your every need. Learn how to customize your gear, get the most out of your boat, and more.

HIT THE WATER From small streams to major rivers, ponds to big lakes, and bays to the open ocean, hundreds of field-tested strategies will help you catch more fish with or without a boat.

FIND THE FISH Professional fishing guides from across the country tell you how and where to find lunker bass, trophy walleyes, huge trout, and much more right in your home waters.

SET THE HOOK Whether you're bobber fishing for bluegills with the kids or heading out after the muskie of a lifetime, the techniques and tactics in this book will make your trip a success.

When it comes to fishing, nobody knows more than the writers and editors at Field & Stream magazine--unless it's the guides, prize winners, and other experts they interviewed to create this book.

In 324 tips and tricks, this comprehensive handbook covers everything from flyfishing to bass boats to surfcasting, and more.

Individual chapters break down how to build the ultimate tackle box, best bait and lures for every species, techniques to catch all of the most popular gamefish, and tactics for fishing ponds, rivers, lakes, and oceans in every season.

Whether you're a weekend angler looking to hook your kid on fishing or a serious sport fisher looking for that big trophy bass, this book has the information you need, presented with tons of color photos and handy illustrations.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Soar Beyond Your Wildest Expectations

Dear Readers,

Posting more articles and images to this blog will resume in a week or so.

For the last couple of months I've be collaborating on our new ebook - "Free Internet Marketing for Small Business". This is due for release towards the end of February 2013.

In the meantime, please enjoy "Soar beyond your wildest expectations".

Soar beyond your wildest expectations,
Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, Utah, USA
This photo was taken during a 6am flight over Glen Canyon and Lake Powell, Utah, USA.

Here's the link to Dropbox so you can download it for use as an inspirational poster or for use on your computer as a desktop wallpaper.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Memories of Magical Waters - Truly Memorable

Memories of Magical Waters, by Gord Deval and Paul Quarrington is the Catch of the Day. Click on the image below for further information and to purchase.

Memories of Magical Waters
Memories of Magical Waters

"Gord Deval is the grand 'old guy' of sport fishing in Canada.
Few anglers can match him when it comes to his familiarity with trout and fly fishing. Internationally known, he holds countless bait and fly casting records.
Canadian and North American champion, he has represented Canada 32 times in North American and World competitions.
"Memories of Magical Waters" contains a richness of fishing lore related to Deval's experiences on numerous streams, rivers and lakes in Ontario and Quebec.
Throughout his extensive outdoor reminiscences are many insights into fish habitats, fishing 'how tos' and general insider tips on lures and casting techniques.
Deval's fishing adventures of over fifty years take the reader to such exceptional trout waters as the Ganaraska River in Ontario, the Broadback River in Quebec, Lake Simcoe and many almost inaccessible waters within Ontario's Land O' Lakes, Haliburton, Muskoka and the Kawarthas, and streams closer to urban centres.
His experiences include ice fishing and stream fishing, as well as fishing on open waters.
As an angler, he has 'wet a line' with a veritable 'who's who' of fishermen past and present.


Table of Contents

Foreword by Paul Quarrington; Prologue; The Waters of Uxbridge; Fishing on the Ganny; Land O' Lakes and Land O' Fish; Muskoka Magic; Up Pefferlaw Way; The "Pigeons" of the Kawarthas; A Mystery at Tedious Lake; Blue Lake of Temiscamingue; Sullivan -- A "Pot-of-Gold" Lake?; Poaching Pierce's Pond; The Phenomenal Echo Creek; Pleasurable Pursuits on Grenadier Pond; The Magic of Sludge Lake; From Novice to Accomplished Angler; The Trout of Loughborough Lake; Lake Simcoe: A Most Fishable Body of Water; I Always Wanted to Fish in a Stream Called Piss Creek; A Wonderful Lake With No Name; More Trout Fishing in Haliburton; Saugeen Country Booty; The Mighty Broadback River; Other Magical Memories; Epilogue; Index.

About the Author

Gord Deval holds, or has held, over one hundred records both nationally and internationally, including several world records, during more than six decades of tournament casting.

He won the North American All-Round Senior Championship fourteen times. He was the president of the Ontario Fly and Bait Casting Association in the 1950s, while organizing the first Canadian Casting Association and acting as its president.

Deval has also competed thirty-seven times in the North American Championships, winning many titles and awards. He has been the recipient of Ontario's Athletic Achievement Award every year since this special recognition became available.

Deval has been a qualified casting instructor since 1949, beginning with the old Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association and at present with his Scarborough Fly and Bait Casting Association.

He estimates that he has personally taught over a thousand anglers and tournament casters the finer points of the sport.

In 1995, Deval and his club hosted the North American Championships in the City of Scarborough.

It was agreed by most of the participants to have been one of the best of these events ever held.

He has qualified for the select All American team numerous times over the years after being the first Canadian to ever win that honour.

In addition to his casting, fishing and cooking seminars, Deval also teaches rod building and fly tying.

A collection of his personally tied trout flies was presented to Viscount Alexander, the then Governor General of Canada, on behalf of the Toronto Anglers and Hunters Association back in the 1950s and he has since taught many hundreds of others the intricacies of fly tying.

Of course, there have been many radio and television appearances along the way, with casting, fishing, fish-cookery demonstrations and seminars. He has also written many magazine articles and a number of books.

Deval was honoured in 1992 by the City of Scarborough with a special award for his service and dedication to his sport and the city over the years.

As already mentioned, in 1995 Deval and his club hosted the North American Fly and Bait Casting championships, attended by over eighty competitors.

Despite the rigours of running this event, he managed to establish a new record in the two-hand distance spinning event - 428 feet.

Deval believes that the biggest honour he has had to date was being selected to receive the Bi-Centennial Award of Merit and Medal presented to him by the Mayor of the City, His Worship Frank Faubert, in 1996.

This was recognition as one of a very exclusive group, the top 200 Scarborough citizens to have brought honour to the city over its history during the past 200 years."

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Prince Edward Island, Canada, is Perfect for Fishing

Prince Edward Island, Canada, is perfect for fishing. I love the place, been there twice and have friends who live there. Of course I did the Anne of Green Gables thing but there's more to the island than that.

So here's some information from the PEI Department of Agriculture and Forestry website below.

"Recreational Fishing

Prince Edward Island has some of the best recreational fishing in some of the most beautiful natural areas you will find anywhere.
The principal sport fish, brook trout (Salvelinus fontinalis), is found in virtually every stream, large or small. prized by anglers, they also spend time in salt water and are known as sea trout that can reach sizes up to  three kg (7 lb) or more.
Remnant runs of Atlantic salmon remain in about 27 rivers, but angling for salmon primarily takes place in the Mill, Dunk, West and Morell Rivers.

Rainbow trout, an introduced species, are present in at least 21 systems and white perch can also be found in a number of rivers.

Fish of commercial interest which spend a portion of their life cycle in freshwater include eels, alewife, blue-back herring and smelts.

Angling Licenses
To enjoy angling on Prince edward Island, you must have an angling license and a Wildlife Conservation Fund licence. Buy your licence online or from any of these local retail outlets across PEI. 

Angling Resources
The annual Angling Summary contains information on licence requirements, updated angling restrictions, daily catch limits, and other information for residents and visitors who want to enjoy the angling experience on PEI.
Angling Places:
You can find angling places with public access at Places to Fish on PEI.
Angling Policy
In 2008, public consultations were held into the development of a recreational fisheries policy for Prince Edward Island.  The committee's report is available at Fostering a Quality & Sustainable Angling Experience on PEI.
Related Links
  • Catch Fishing Program - a wealth of information on fish species, angling ideas and other resources for the novice and experienced angler alike
  • Island Fishing - information about common fish species and where to fish
  • TimeandDate.com - provides accurate information on sunrise and sunset times. Follow the Other Locations option and select the Prince Edward Island community nearest you.
  • PEI Angling Resource Centre - links for accessible Island fishing locations, as well as tips and videos designed for the novice or experienced angler. 
Family Fishing ExperiencesGoing fishing is a great way to get some exercise, enjoy the outdoors and connect with friends and family.

Free family fishing takes place over the Victoria Day weekend in May. During this period, Island residents may fish without an angling or conservation fund licence in streams, rivers and ponds across the province.

However, while these licenses are not required, people must still meet all angling regulations including all bag limits."

There's heaps more info on their website so click on the website at the top of this post.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Perfect Cast: A Celebration of Fly-Fishing is Just Perfect

The Perfect Cast: A Celebration of Fly-Fishing, by Tom Quinn is the Catch of the Day. Click on the photo below for further information and to buy. And yes there's more at the bottom!

The Perfect Cast: A Celebration of Fly-Fishing

The Perfect Cast: A Celebration of Fly-Fishing

"The Perfect Cast is a unique and carefully researched collection of angling art and literature from the past three centuries.

Amongst the contributors are G E M Skues, Izaak Walton and Dame Julia Berners from the UK and Tom Rosenbauer, Ed Engle, Paul Schullery and Nick Lyons from the US.

Salmon fishing, trout fishing, flies, perfect days and the ones that got away are all covered in this superb 'coffee-table' book.

With its stunning illustrations and informative, sometimes amusing but always beautifully descriptive texts, it is the perfect book for the hugely increasing number of gamefishermen and women.

The Perfect Cast contains gems from some of our greatest angling writers and artists and celebrates the magic of fly-fishing across the world.

About the Author
Tom Quinn is a keen angler who has fished all over the world.

He is a former assistant editor of Trout & Salmon magazine and is now editor of Country Landowner magazine.

Tom has written more than twenty books about the countryside and fishing including The World's Greatest Shooting Stories; BB Remembered; Heaven Upon Earth; The Whisky Companion; Country Houses of Britain and Ireland; Collecting Antique Fishing Tackle and Angling in Art."

Advanced Trick Casting: The Shadow Cast from Jazz & Fly Fishing on Vimeo.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Fishing Information for Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Fishing Information for Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, is available from the website but here are a few snippets to tempt you to investigate further.

"Sport fishing is permitted in Rocky Mountain National Park, a protected area.

NPS Photo

Fishing activities are balanced with efforts to restore and perpetuate natural aquatic environments and life.

Fishing was popular with early settlers and visitors in the Rocky Mountains.

In an attempt to improve the sport, many streams and lakes were stocked with non-native species of trout.

Waters with no sport fish were also stocked.

The National Park Service stocked non-native Yellowstone cutthroat trout as late as 1969.

The only trout native to the park are the greenback cutthroat and the Colorado River cutthroat.

These efforts to enhance recreational opportunities in National Park areas were reconsidered in the 1970's.

Since 1975, native greenback cutthroat and Colorado River cutthroat trout are being restored to park waters and exotic or non-native fish are being removed.

Protect Fish and their Habitats

Park fish are vulnerable to several invasive organisms that can be carried on waders and other gear.
Please read and follow these guidelines to disinfect your gear before entering park waters and when moving between different lakes and streams.

Today's Fisheries

Populations of at least four species of trout exist in the park: brown, brook, rainbow, and cutthroat.
Some suckers also inhabit the streams and lakes.

Only 48 of the 156 lakes in the park have reproducing populations of fish.

Cold water temperatures and lack of spawning habitat prevent reproduction in high altitude lakes.

Supplemental stocking is done only to restore native species.

Fishing success at high altitudes varies, even in waters known to contain fish.

Restoration of native species requires that the possession limits be managed carefully.

See posession limit below for specific regulations.

You must be able to identify each species of fish taken.

Licenses & Fees

A valid Colorado fishing license is required for all persons 16 years of age or older to fish in Rocky Mountain National Park.
No other permit is necessary; however, special regulations exist. It is your responsibility to know and obey them.

To obtain current Colorado fishing license fees visit the Colorado Division of Wildlife web site.

Method of Capture

Each person shall use only one hand-held rod or line.
A 'second rod stamp' is not honored in park waters.

Only artificial lures or flies with one (single, double, or treble) hook with a common shank may be used.

“Artificial flies or lures” means devices made entirely of, or a combination of, materials such as wood, plastic, glass, hair, metal, feathers, or fiber, designed to attract fish.

This does not include: (a) any hand moldable material designed to attract fish by the sense of taste or smell; (b) any device to which scents or smell attractants have been externally applied; (c) molded plastic devices less than one and one-half inch in length; (d) foods; (e) traditional organic baits such as worms, grubs, crickets, leeches, minnows, and fish eggs; and (f) manufactured baits such as imitation fish eggs, dough baits, or stink baits.

Fly fishers may utilize a two hook system, where one hook is used as an attractant.

While in possession of any fishing equipment, bait for fishing (insects, fish eggs, minnows, or other organic matter) or worms is prohibited.

Children 12 years of age or under, however, may use worms or preserved fish eggs in all park waters open to fishing except those designated as catch-andrelease areas.

No bait or worms are allowed in catch-and-release waters.

Use of lead sinkers (or other lead fishing materials) is strongly discouraged."

For more information go to the Rocky Mountain National Park website.

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia is one of those must have reference books and is the Catch of the Day. For more information and to buy click on the photo below. There's also another fantastic video on fly fishing for tarpon from Vimeo.

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia

Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia

"Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia

The most comprehensive, up-to-date fishing encyclopedia in the world today Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia is the new standard for knowledge on fishing and everything related to it.

With complete, insightful information for both freshwater and saltwater anglers at all levels of experience, it is the only authoritative, and up-to-date fishing encyclopedia available.

More than 2,000 detailed entries and over 1,400 color illustrations and photos cover every aspect of fishing today, including fish species, equipment, places, techniques, and a wide array of other information.

Ken Schultz, internationally known fishing expert and 26-year editor at Field & Stream, and his team of international experts have created the definitive fishing guide for the new millennium.

Their combined expertise spans the world - from Montana to Mozambique - and is uniquely modern in scope,covering current conservation programs and issues as well as the most recent developments in technique and equipment.

"Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia is the only complete book of fishing knowledge.

With expert information from cover to cover, it dwarfs every fishing book on the market. This book is indispensable. " - Vin T. Sparano, Editor Emeritus/Senior Field Editor, Outdoor Life

 "A new resource for a new century, Ken Schultz's Fishing Encyclopedia is destined to become the last word in fishing information. " - Slaton White, Editor, Field & Stream.

Table of Contents
Introduction. Acknowledgments. Photo Credits. Fishing Encyclopedia Entries. Appendix: Conversion Charts for Weights and Measures.

About the Author
Ken Schultz has been a staff fishing writer and editor for Field & Stream since 1973.

His feature articles and columns for that publication appear monthly, and he contributes to the magazine's nationally syndicated weekly radio show and to its Web site.

Schultz is a frequent author of the Outdoors column of the New York Times, and previously was a syndicated newspaper columnist for Gannett.

He has authored a dozen books on sportfishing and angling travel topics, has been a featured guest on CNBC, ESPN, and The Nashville Network, and appears regularly in assorted fishing segments for the Outdoor Life Network.

A widely traveled angler, Schultz is a former holder of seven line-class world records and was inducted into the Fishing Hall of Fame in 1998. He lives in Forestburgh, New York."

Riding High: A Season on the Fly from Waterline Media on Vimeo.